Artistic residence realized with the support of the French Institute of Timisoara and the company “Carpat Sticks” (group Euro Sticks), company of production of sticks of beech wood
Corporate philanthropy, Timisoara, Romania.
33,000 wooden sticks forming the topographical model of the Region of Timis (Carpathians). In suspension, 5,000 sticks constituting an anamorphosis.
Elements: 33,000 “eskimo” beechwood sticks, 5,000 “magnum” sticks, concrete base, metal structure, aluminum double glazing joinery, safety glass, extruded polystyrene sealing, 16 mm MDF, nylon wire, 4-lamp lighting 15 watt.
Dimension: 5,60 m long – 2,80 m wide – 3,10 m high.
Weight: 6000 kg
Production time: 750 hours
May 2013